POSITION: Grants Manager

ACCOUNTABILITY: Financial Officer


HOURS: 35 hours per week full time



All MCCA employees are expected to work as a team to accomplish whichever tasks are necessary to meet the needs of the survivors we serve.  This may include diverse tasks such as assisting with sorting donations, grocery shopping, etc. as needed.  MCCA uses a Trauma Informed Care Empowerment Model of advocacy and counseling and expects all employees to serve as role models for the survivors and their children.  This means treating all members of the program/shelter (survivors, volunteers, other employees and supervisors) with respect and compassion.

We are a multi-racial, multi-ethnic program and shelter, which means that we have clients from a variety of backgrounds (i.e., different cultures, classes, races and sexual orientation) living closely together.  It is important to be respectful of those differences.  Racist, homophobic, and culturally insensitive comments will not be tolerated at this shelter/ program.  By agreeing to employment at MCCA, you are agreeing to this policy.





  • Submit monthly and quarterly grant reports to meet all deadlines.
  • Write and submit grant proposals to meet deadlines.
  • Assist ED and Financial Officer with year-end audit.
  • Assist ED and Financial Officer with annual budget preparation.
  • Monitor and meet all grant application deadlines.
  • Research, write and submit new grant and foundation funding sources.



  • Coordinate with ED and Financial Officer for timely completion of all grant reports.
  • Advise ED and Financial Officer of fiscal concerns.
  • Printing cancelled checks/ACH payments and scan into the appropriate filing system



  • Must be available to flex hours during heavy grant writing periods and end of year audit.
  • Attend and participate in all staff meetings.
  • Attend and participate in all Grant Team Meetings.
  • Other duties as assigned by management.



  • Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Excellent verbal, written, and communications skills
  • Team player
  • Transportation
  • Availability for heavy grant periods and audits is mandatory
  • Solid basic math skills and ability to understand statistics and statistical data
  • College degree a plus or equivalent experience in grants management
  • Ability to work cooperatively with all staff and board members
  • Understanding of non-profit grants accounting
  • Actively participate in gathering statistical data per grantor requirements
  • Any other duties as assigned by the Executive Director/Financial Officer


Anyone interested in the position may contact me submit their resume to


24 Hour Crisis Hotline